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Booking & Purchasing Air Travel

  1. Will I be able to book travel to any destination?
    Igojet will launch with service to a limited # of destinations and grow its route network in proportion to passenger demand. City pairs will be prioritized for service based on early adopting customer interest and level of traveler commitment. If you’d like to see igojet service on a particular route, please email us!
  2. When will I be charged for my trip?
    You will not be charged the quoted fare for your trip until final flight times are confirmed, which will be 1-2 days before your flight, but no later than 6PM the evening before your flight. Until such flight time confirmation, you are free to cancel or modify your trip for a nominal fee ($5-$10) per itinerary transaction.
  3. What if I’m the only one that books a particular segment- will you still arrange that flight?
    Yes, when you reserve an itinerary you are assured of service on your requested segments at our quoted fares. Our fare pricing is reflective of overall expected passenger demand (and charter operator costs) on your day of travel. So, while you may be the only person traveling on your specific segment, there will be other segments where there are 3 or 4 people traveling and others that are flown empty. Our proprietary technology attempts to minimize empty legs while maximizing load factor across all required flight hours in order to offer very competitive business jet fares to our travelers.
  4. Why are your fares so low compared to typical charter rates?
    The primary reason is that our per-seat model allows us to charge you solely for your individual cost of travel. You are only paying for our incremental cost to fly you on your desired trip within the our network of offered city-pair routes.  You benefit from our ability to minimize overall flight costs by combining passengers together on flights, limiting empty legs, and negotiating competitive rates with Partner Operators.
  5. What if I need to cancel my reservation?
    Your reserved itinerary can be cancelled without penalty up until flight times are confirmed (1-2 days before your flight, but no later than 6PM the evening before your flight). If you cancel any segment after your flight times are confirmed, a 50% penalty (of paid fare) will apply – the remaining 50% can be used towards future igojet travel. If you cancel within 2 hours of your reserved flight time, a 100% penalty will apply. This is because we commit to purchasing charter for you from our Partner Operators around the same time that your flight times are confirmed. Cancellation penalties help to cover charter procurement obligations we have with our Partner Operators.
  6. Will there be a fee for changing or cancelling my itinerary?
    A nominal itinerary transaction fee ($5-$10) will be charged for cancelling or changing your reserved itinerary (i.e. unconfirmed itinerary). If you change your itinerary, new fares may apply if you modify arrival/departure window durations and/or change routes. However, reserved fares are not charged until final flight times are confirmed. Any changes or cancellations made after receipt of final flight time confirmation (1-2 days before your flight, but no later than 6PM the evening before), will incur a 50% paid fare penalty or 100% penalty if made within 2 hours of your assigned flight time.
  7. What are FET and Segment taxes?
    FET (Federal Excise Taxes) and Segment Fees are charged for every confirmed flight. FET is equal to 7.5% of paid fares while Segment Fees are equal to $3.70 per passenger per segment. These will be shown as separate items on your reserved itinerary documents and will also not be charged until final flight time confirmation.
  8. Why do I have to specify an Arrival or Departure Window?
    Igojet provides you with the flexibility to choose your time of travel by selecting a range of time for either the arrival or departure side of each requested segment. The greater the flexibility you have in selecting your windows of arrival or departure times (i.e. longer time windows), the lower your quoted fare. The reason for this is that longer time windows give us better ability to combine your itinerary with other passengers selected itineraries to reduce per-seat travel costs across the network.
  9. When will I know my exact time of my flights?
    Igojet will confirm final flight times 1-2 days before your reserved flights, but no later than 6PM the evening before your flight. At this point, your credit card will be charged the amount quoted when you reserved or last changed your itinerary (including taxes and fees).
  10. Can I book travel for more than 1 person?
    Yes, however individual fare prices will apply to each booked itinerary. If your party is 4 people or less and you want to fly together, we will make sure that your party flies together on each segment. Depending on the nature of your trip (i.e. same day travel to/from your destination), it may be less expensive to charter an entire aircraft with one of our Partner Operators for your trip.
  11. Why do you need my credit card to reserve an itinerary?
    A valid credit card is required to reserve an itinerary since we will be making payment commitments to Partner Operators upon flight confirmation. While we do not charge customers a fare upon itinerary reservation, we will charge a transaction fee ($5-$10).
  12. What’s different about booking with you vs. a typical airline booking site?
    There’s very little difference. With both, you specify an origin city, destination city, and dates of travel. The difference is in the next step of selecting flight times. With igojet, you are able to choose an arrival or departure range of time that is convenient to your schedule instead of choosing from a timetable of fixed flight times.
  13. How do you determine your fares?
    Igojet’s fares are based primarily on three factors (1) the duration of arrival or departure time windows you specify for each flight segment, (2) the distance you are flying, and (3) expected costs that Operators charge us for use of their aircraft at forecast passenger demand levels. The last components, Partner Operator aircraft costs and forecast demand, are driven by factors such as travel history, fuel prices, aircraft availability, crew fees, etc.. Therefore, igojet’s fares may change for the same round-trip to reflect these variables.
  14. Can I book/arrange travel for other people?
    Yes, you can book or arrange travel for other people. However, the Traveler’s name that you enter must match a valid credit card. Plus, a valid ID must be presented at the airport along with a boarding document that matches the reserved itinerary’s named Traveler. If you would like to arrange travel through IGoJet for your clients, please contact us so we can discuss our program for Travel Arrangers & Brokers in more detail.

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  1. Which airports will I use for a flight I’ve booked through igojet?
    Your flight will be arranged between airports serving business jet aircraft. In larger cities, these may not be the traditional hub airports through which you are accustomed to traveling on commercial airline flights. If you are traveling to/from an airport with commercial service, the terminal you will be using will be different than the one you are accustomed to with commercial travel. The specific terminal (also called an FBO – Fixed Base Operator) you will use will be clearly identified upon flight confirmation. Furthermore, specific information about the FBO will be included on your itinerary documentation. FBO’s have most of the amenities of traditional terminals including automobile parking, rental car service, and waiting areas; but are more intimate and convenient for passengers.
  2. How early do I need to get to the airport for my flight?
    We ask that you show up at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled flight time at the designated terminal (also called an FBO – Fixed Base Operator) to allow for check-in time.
  3. What if I’m late for or miss my flight?
    If you are late and think you will miss your flight, we ask that you contact us immediately. Depending on the other flights or travelers assigned to your designated flight and aircraft, there may be flexibility in the schedule. In the more likely scenario that there are other passengers assigned to your flight or subsequent flights for your designated aircraft, we will try to get you out on different flight. You will be responsible for any incremental costs associated with arranging alternate flights.
  4. Are there any luggage/baggage restrictions?
    There will be a baggage weight limit per person (to be determined in collaboration with our Partner Operators) for flights that we arrange. In accordance with our Partner Operators’ restrictions, the following articles will be refused for transportation unless advance written arrangements have been made with and accepted by our Partner Operators: (a) firearms and ammunition; (b) any flammable material or liquid in stowed baggage or otherwise; (c) live animals; and (d) any article designated as hazardous material (“hazmat”) or listed in the ICAO Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.
  5. Will there be other passengers on my flight?
    There may be other passengers on your flight depending on whether other travelers’ itineraries match yours and they were assigned to your specific aircraft and flight. Accommodating multiple passengers on flight segments is one of reasons we can offer such competitive fares. All passengers and their baggage will be screened per the baggage restrictions above (and listed in your flight documentation) by our Partner Operators to ensure compliance during check-in.
  6. How will I know which terminal/FBO to go to for my flight?
    You will know the specific airport you will be flying to/from upon booking and reserving your itinerary. Depending on the specific Partner Operator selected for your flight, their preferred terminal/FBO will be designated. Upon confirmation of your flights (1-2 days before your flight but no later than 6PM the evening before your flight), you will receive the following information in your flight confirmation documentation: (1) designated FBO/terminal, (2) specific flight times, (3) designated aircraft Tail #, (4) name of the Part 135 Carrier with whom igojet has brokered your travel and who will operate your aircraft, and (5) crew details.
  7. How do I check-in for my flight?
    A crew member from the designated Partner Operator of your aircraft will meet you at the FBO for your assigned flight and check you in for you flight. He or she will ask to see a valid photo ID and your boarding document prior to boarding the flight.
  8. Will there be a security/TSA screener?
    The designated Operator and their crew for your flight has operational and security responsibility for your flight. They will be checking your name against the TSA no-fly list as well as may be performing security screening to ensure that you and your personal items comply with baggage restrictions (stated above and in your flight documentation).
  9. How can I check whether my flight is delayed or cancelled?
    You will be able to check on your flight’s status through the igojet website. We will also send you notifications by email of any flight delays or cancellations as soon we are notified by our Partner Operators of any such interruptions.
  10. Will I pay more for my trip if my flight takes longer than planned?
    No, the fare you are charged includes all anticipated costs including potential delays or diversions due to unplanned circumstances (e.g. weather). We have to pay Partner Operators in the event of extended flight times but we factor this likelihood into our fare pricing.
  11. Who will be operating my flight?
    One of igojet’s designated Partner Operators will have operational control of your flight. Igojet does not operate any flights or aircraft; we act as a charter broker on behalf of travelers to arrange per-seat booked travel on our Partner Operators’ aircraft.

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Partner Operators

  1. What is an igojet Partner Operator?
    A Partner Operator is a FAR Part 135-certificated carrier that igojet has contracted with on our travelers’ behalf to obtain the best value based on their selected itineraries. We select Partner Operators based on a number of factors but most importantly on their safety records, aircraft types, service standards, base of operations, and performance history.
  2. How can I become an igojet Partner Operator?
    If you are interested in working with igojet, please contact us through this form. We encourage all interested Partner Operators to contact us so that we can discuss how we arrange travel for our customers and procure lift on your available aircraft.
  3. How do you select your Partner Operators?
    We select certificated carriers based primarily on their safety records and aircraft availability. To be eligible, Partner-Operators shall comply with safety standards of a nationally recognized safety audit organization as well as meet igojet’s own safety standards. If you would like more information about our standards, please email us and we would be happy to share more details.
  4. How do you handle Federal Excise Taxes (FET)? We’ve had issues with other brokers in the past.
    As a Charter Broker acting as Agent for Customer, Igojet will collect and remit commercial FET on amounts (fares) paid by customers.  Hourly charges paid by Igojet to certificated Partner Operators are not subject to the commercial FET.  Our contract with you and every invoice between Igojet and Partner Operators will clearly state that igojet is responsible for the collection and remittance of FET.  Furthermore, IRS Form 720′s will be available upon request should any Partner Operator require them as part of an audit.
  5. How will we get paid for brokered flights?
    Igojet will pay all Partner Operators by wire transfer upon completion of brokered flights per specified terms in our procurement agreement with you. We prefer to agree beforehand on hourly rates and expected segment block engine times so that we can process payment quickly upon completion of brokered flights. Should there be deviations from planned flight times, these will be paid promptly upon reconciliation with flight tracking data.
  6. Will we be violating an FAR’s by operating flights that igojet brokers to us?
    No, igojet’s process for arranging travel and procuring lift from Partner Operators has been thoroughly reviewed by a joint FAA/DOT taskforce. We were given official approval to proceed to market in brokering per-seat booked travel through Partner Operators without risk of Part 135 FAR violation. Carriers may contact us or their local FSDO to confirm such regulatory approval.

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E-mail Communications

  1. How can I be removed from your email list?>
    Every email we send has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page so you may opt-out of future emails. If you don’t have an email from us, please go to this form let us know you would like to be unsubscribed.
  2. How can I sign-up to receive updates and information about igojet?
    If you want to receive updates via email, please go here and subscribe to be included on our e-distribution list. If you want to be contacted by someone at igojet to discuss your travel program and how we might help you, please click here to provide more detailed information about yourself. Someone will contact you soon.
  3. What if my email address changes?
    Every email we send has an update profile link at the bottom of the page to make email address changes. If you no longer have an email from us, please send your request via this email form.
  4. Can I send an email to igojet?
    Of course – please fill out this email form. We would like to hear from you!

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  1. When will igojet launch service?
    We hope to launch our service in 2011. We are discussing our service with prospective travelers to demonstrate the significant cost savings possible with our service. Our competitive pricing model requires a minimum number of active travelers and we will launch our service once we gain a sufficient level of commitment. We firmly believe that companies can reduce their current business aviation budgets without sacrificing business jet convenience and safety by offering our per-seat arranged business jet service to their travelers. If you are interested in hearing more about how we may benefit your travel program too, please click here to tell us more about your needs.
  2. What type of company is igojet
    Igojet is an Air Charter Broker acting as Agent For The Customer as defined by the Department of Transportation’s Policy Statement regarding, “The Role of Air Charter Brokers in Arranging Air Transportation.” published on October 18, 2004. Igojet arranges flights selected and booked independently by travelers on a per-seat basis. Igojet then negotiates with certificated carriers on the customer’s behalf to obtain the best value based upon each customer’s independently selected itinerary and related criteria.

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